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In ancient Japan, 1000 origami cranes are made to grant a wish, for good luck, for good health, for peace and for happiness and prosperity to a married couple.  
Today that tradition still lives in many forms such as our Crane Origami Pillow©.Whether it’s one pillow or one thousand pillows, we will donate a portion of
your purchase to spread kindness.
How it works:  
A portion of your purchase will go towards a charitable organization.  Each month we will announce a Cranes for Kindness© focus.  As each month ends,
the recipient organization will be revealed. For example, the month of November and December 2013 focus is Typhoon Haiyan Relief for the Philippines.
Together we can give to those in need.  It’s contagious! Our deepest thanks and gratitude here at Sushi Designs New York (SDNY) for your kindness.

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